stable, innovative web and list hosting

Featuring a range of hosting packages starting at just $15 per month, pajunas interactive will keep your website running on a current stable hosting infrastructure. We take great pride in our hosting platform and are happy to discuss any configuration questions you may have. Get started now!

collaborative development

Conventional hosts assign only one FTP password for each website, and if you work on multiple sites you must maintain several passwords. Contributors sharing access to a site must share the same password, losing all accountability! We eliminated these problems using open standards, making pajunas interactive the best choice for collaborative development.

proven uptime

In 2003, sites hosted with pajunas interactive have enjoyed over 99.98% remote aggregate uptime. That may be more than enough for some hosts, but we're constantly working to improve uptime even more with new services and innovative hardware configurations.

performance and redundancy

We use powerful, name-brand servers and a secure, stable hosting platform with processing power and bandwidth to spare. Web sites are hosted on a redundant network and stored on mirrored filesystems with system failover capabilities. Your website is proactively monitored 24x7 and backed up offsite up to 3 times daily

developer tools

For developers, database access, an extensive PHP installation, Perl and special tools to make site development and maintenance more productive.

friendly, flexible service

As a smaller company with a love of hosting technology, we're able to accommodate many requests that large, corporate hosting providers wouldn't dream of. We will never do anything that we feel might jeopardize other hosting clients, but if your request seems reasonable we might surprise you.

Flexible e-mail and web hosting for business, community and developer sites