the reseller program that benefits everyone

It is a dirty secret of the hosting industry: Private-label reseller programs are designed to benefit hosting companies, much more than resellers or clients. These hosting companies use their resellers as a barrier in front of hosting customers, saving money and letting someone else take responsibility for 24x7 service.

The best person to assess the hosting needs of a site is a developer, and we think that expertise is worth a lot. But we don't believe that compensation for this expertise should include reduced support avenues for customers, support and billing headaches or having to take 24x7 responsibility for something you don't have direct control over.

developer alliance

With our developer alliance program, resellers make sure that clients get the help they need by sharing the support load with pajunas interactive, and let us manage the billing and complex support questions. In return, we provide a generous ongoing 30% commission.

customer benefits

  • multiple points of contact and accountability
  • efficient rollout
  • proactive assistance from developers to research and deploy hosting services
  • hosting services supported by a professional host, letting developers concentrate on what's truly important
  • using an established, well-regarded hosting company
  • fair, consistent, up-front pricing

developer benefits

  • 30% recurring revenue with no overhead
    (typically $4.50-$19.50 per client, every month)
  • flexible services
  • no invoicing or collections: receive your commissions automatically every month
  • no expensive hardware upgrades
  • no midnight service calls and pager alerts
  • expert support and marketing assistance
  • focus on your strengths as a developer, not 24x7 uptime

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pajunas interactive benefits

It is rare to find a solution where everyone wins, and we're proud to provide one! With the developer alliance program, we can ensure that each customer is set up according to their needs by someone who fully understands their business. With some of our marketing and support costs reduced, we can focus on adding new services and keeping our great reputation as a flexible, stable web host.

Developer alliance hosting, a reseller program where everybody wins