better world

discounted hosting for making a difference

It is important to stand for what you believe in, and make a difference wherever you can. We are offering a very special discount program to groups and individuals who are working for a better world by creating, distributing or supporting products and services that benefit the open source movement and the environment.

Any eligible site will receive a 20% discount on pajunas interactive products and services as long as it continues to meet eligibility requirements under one of the following two categories:

open source

Open source programs make their source code available for other users and contributors. Many large companies such as IBM, Oracle and Sun are embracing this philosophy, and popular open source projects enjoy the contributions of some of the most brilliant minds in computer science.

At pajunas interactive we use, support and advocate open source software whenever we can because we feel that its collaborative nature promotes evolution and stability.

If you are developing or running a site to promote or support an open source product or philosophy, you may qualify for the pajunas better world discount. ask us about it or fill out an application.


We can't afford to wait around for someone else to worry about what is happening to our planet.

The better world discount applies to web sites that promote conservation, recycling programs, renewable energy, and eco-respecting products and services.

If you believe you are eligible for the environmental better world discount, ask us or fill out an

Discounted web hosting for environmental and open-source causes