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a different approach

You may have noticed something different about pajunas interactive. We're not flashy, we're not screaming for your business. We talk more about how your website can benefit others than about low low prices.

But you may also have noticed our comprehensive service offering at reasonable rates. Even though we offer services that other hosting companies don't provide, our pricing is right in line with everyone else.

We're not like other hosting companies because we were founded with different kind of mission: to put service and innovation above in-your-face marketing and trend chasing.

a different mission

pajunas interactive was founded in March of 2001 by Allie Micka, a PHP developer dissatisfied with available hosting offerings. Like many developers in this position, she had spent several years hosting web sites out of her home as a side business. She realized that the time spent on these efforts prevented her from implementing new web ideas. Meanwhile, her day job as a senior developer in a large web production team demonstrated how productive you can be when your hosting needs are being handled by experts.

Allie built the business with two business plans in mind. The first one was jokingly referred to as the "independently wealthy" business plan. She asked herself, "if I had unlimited funds and no interest in making a profit, how would I structure this business?" The answer was to provide the best hardware, network connectivity and web development tools available to web developers and communities. By providing good services to these groups while saving them time and money, pajunas interactive could play a small part in the evolution of innovative websites and strong communities.

The second business plan focused on turning these idealistic goals into a profitable business. After all, good services are only helpful if they last! She budgeted for the important things: Solid, name-brand servers, powerful datacenter connectivity, redundant services and an obsessive data backup strategy. Open Source software such as FreeBSD, Apache, PostgreSQL and MySQL provided a robust and secure hosting platform with low overhead. And the Better World Discount and Developer Alliance programs have helped pajunas grow by targeting the groups Allie is most interested in supporting.

By focusing on stability and quality, pajunas has managed to earn most of its business through referrals and community involvement, not through expensive ad campaigns and buyouts. This small but profitable business was built without any outside investments and won't sell out to an international hosting conglomerate.

a different future

pajunas interactive will continue to evolve. When we think of increased revenue, we think about better service and more innovative hosting tools, never about executive bonuses and swanky office space.

We plan to continue providing a stable, secure hosting platform and to make it even more useful with with new tools, open-source software and different development environments. But the most important factor in our plans is the wants and needs of our customers. Have an idea? We would love to hear about it!

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